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Our Story
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Our Story

Founded in 1991 by three enthusiastic with a goal to manufacture the best quality foam related products. Chang Wong produced a broad range of products with application in sport, furniture, toys, and even medical equipment.


Meanwhile, Chang Wong realized the importance of progress by prioritizing development. In 2007, Chang Wong saw the need for a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional sports equipment. Since then, Chang Wong was set to focus on the development and manufacture of yoga and sports equipment.

Now, we are a team of Thirty-three, continue to innovate and work with our clients to develop their dream products.

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Manufacture& Develop

Chang Wong goes through and passes many quality tests in areas such as raw materials and equipment. It is to assure that everything is up to date.


We works closely with our suppliers to develop top quality raw materials which will then be used to produce all the products. Every detail of the products is closely inspected before being delivered to the clients.


Apart from that, our employees receive the best treatment possible, knowing that true quality can only come from a healthy and happy team. Chang Wong took pride in their employees. 

Go Green


An appropriate choice of material not only fulfills the functional requirements for the intended use, more importantly, it also attributes meaning and characters to the product and triggers the senses of the users.

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